Graffiti has Met its Match

Vandalism is a routine problem in any major metropolitan area. Ranging from razorblade etchings to wall graffiti, vandalism is a nuisance for city governments and private citizens alike. The most overt form of vandalism, graffiti, can ruin walls, street signs, advertisements, and creates an eyesore for citizens and tourists. Small towns are not immune to this problem.

There are several ways to combat graffiti. Up until recently, the most popular and intuitively easiest way to rid the graffiti bug has been to paint over areas that have been spray-painted by unruly youth. This solution, although it has widespread deployment, is difficult at best. One graffiti artist (if you can give them that name) can force hours of unneeded labor, not to mention the difficult task of finding the right paint for the job. When graffiti is committed against the indefensible street sign, the painting solution becomes not quite as viable. While the street sign must convey important information to traffic and/or pedestrians, graffiti cannot be removed by simple painting over it. Oftentimes, a few painted-on markings can force a citizen or municipal authority to replace the vandalized sign, an expensive and unwanted process. Other city-owned and privately owned objects are vandalized in a similar manner and the hassle can be just as great.

Recently, however, Urban Restoration Group US Inc. has manufactured what it calls "Graffiti Safewipes," a revolutionary system that allows the removal of graffiti from most surfaces while still preserving the integrity of that surface. The "Safewipes," self-dubbed the "greatest graffiti removal system in the world," provide a do-it-yourself system that allows anyone with the ability to wipe to simply wipe-away unwanted graffiti markings. Now governments can send out volunteers in teams with the "safewipes" to wipe off graffiti from most surfaces. The process is simple, easy, and ensures that signs or objects will not be left with poor paint-overs.

Urban Restoration Group sells in relatively low-cost sets, either for individual use or for organizational/governmental use. These wipes can be given to a volunteer of any skill level and with no prior experience to remove graffiti from cars, light posts, signs, windows, and walls. What makes the "safewipes" special is there patented design. The wipes are individually packed novelettes containing a unique formulation made from 100% biodegradable plant oils and alcohols. There is also graffiti afterwipes to ensure that the job is left looking great after the graffiti has been removed.

"Safewipes" are now the leading removal product in the industry, trusted by several of the largest graffiti-removal contractors around the world. Based in Los Angeles, Urban Restoration Group offers a money-back guarantee on their product, which has been proven to remove graffiti safely and easily.