Graffiti Removal Products of the Future

Graffiti is a constant problem for urban areas. It is a nuisance, costing time and money to remove. Graffiti removal often requires paint-overs which can leave a vandalized surface looking worse than originally intended. Many products in the past have been relegated to the primitive pant-over approach but with the new safe wipes, municipal governments and citizens alike can get remove graffiti quickly, cheaply, and easily.

The secret of removal products is the simplicity. Using wipes akin to baby-wipes, and anti-bacterial wipes, a person can simply clean a vandalized surface with a single wipe and the graffiti is removed safely, protecting the surface underneath. The arcane pant-over fix can be cumbersome, messy, and expensive. Safewipes are easy for anyone, cheap, and allow people to literally wipe graffiti away without damaging the signage, wall, or paint underneath. With this new product, messy pant-overs are a thing of the past.

Municipal and volunteer teams can canvass neighborhoods with the small, paper towel-sized wipes, removing all the graffiti on walls, signage, and public and private objects. This new Graffiti removal product can easily make city and private surfaces look as good as new. Graffiti is no longer a match for what the paper-towel generation can muster: effective, disposable, removal wipes.

The safewipes come in a range of packages: private citizens and cities can both be on the defense against vandals. You do not need a team of volunteers to repaint a neighborhood wall, you just need a simple package of grafitti removal product of the future. It is also a good product for contractors who can benefit by using a product that is many times easier than hiring a team of painters to provide lengthy and possibly damaging pant-overs. For cities, safewipe can save a city thousands of dollars in replacement signs and repainting.

These new products, created by the Urban Restoration Group, are dubbed "The Best Graffiti Removal System in the world" for good reason. The wipes come in various easy-to-use packs, with a 100% money-back guarantee. The system is cheap at only about a dollar per wipe, and is so easy to use that a child can remove graffiti from virtually every surface!