• Graffiti Safewipes have been an important and valuable tool in our graffiti removal efforts in Glendale. They are perfect for our volunteer citizen clean-up crews too! Steven Koszis Neighborhood Services City of Glendale, CA

  • The City of Fresno has nearly 3,300 volunteers using solvent and ‘Safewipes’ from Urban Restoration Group on a weekly basis. We organized nearly 900 volunteers to use them in over 40 locations around our city-all in one morning! Greg McAllister Community Coordinator, Fresno Police Department Graffiti Bureau City of Fresno, CA

  • Graffiti Safewipes help our Graffiti Abatement team immensely. We rely on them all day everyday, and have been very happy with the results. Michael Stover Graffiti Abatement supervisor City of Washington DC

  • You are the best! Thanks for all your assistance. I will be bragging about you and your product for a long time. Besides the ease of the product, it is rare to find a company with employees that are as friendly, well versed, cooperative, and as helpful as you have been. Thank you again. Officer Heskin Chicago Police Dept City of Chicago, IL

  • Thank you Vanessa… we appreciate the following:

    1. Your pricing
    2. Your expediency
    3. Your association with us and others such as MSA
    4. The quality and proficiency of your products and service!
    Ted and Crew City of Chula Vista, CA

  • We stocked up on the wipes for what I have been doing it makes my job much faster and easier. I can take about 10 other products off the purchase list!! Jim Lewis President, Under Pressure Inc. CA

  • My Crew and I are impressed with your Graffiti Safewipes and Graffiti Product line and will be more than happy to give my endorsement on it. Jerry D. Burgess Park Maintenance Improvement Supervisor Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District OR

  • Positive report already on the Safewipes. Operations manager says they are brilliant, so we are on a winner immediately. Graffiti Officer Parks & Works Depot Croydon VIC, Australia

  • We used one canister of your Safewipes and saved $1,800 worth of signs. Amee Roads Coordinator, Hume City Council VIC, Australia

  • Since your wipes have been available we've doubled our graffiti removal efforts. Volunteer group Onkaparinga, SA, Australia

  • The feedback from our cleaners has been very good with the use of your graffiti wipes. Can you please arrange for another 10 canisters to be delivered to us. Mark Williams ADSHEL, SA Operations Manager Australia

  • WOW! talk about customer service! Tim Rice Power Pro Mobile Wash Lynchburg, VA

  • Hey, these wipes will do almost anything… I'm amazed. Greg Ireland Graffiti Removal Systems VIC, Australia